5 Netflix Picks For Every Food Lover

hipcaskMumbai-based Hipcask includes A Year in Champagne in a round-up of the Best 5 Films on Netflix for Food Lovers.


In a country where torrents are the only way to get hold of an interesting TV viewing experience, the launch of Netflix is being looked upon as a game changer. While they have an extensive list of shows and film, international and Indian, their list for food and travel based programmes are lacking. We’ve scoured everything they had to offer and here is a list of shows that we think are a must watch for every food and wine loving Indian….

Second installment in the trilogy of films which tracks distinct wines and wine regions, A Year in Champagne offers a behind-the-scene glimpse of what it takes to make world’s favorite sparkling wines.

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Montreal Rampage Reviews A Year in Champagne

Montreal Rampage





A Year in Champagne documents the sparkling wine industry over the course of one season. The film delves into the history of the Champagne region, the harvesting of the grapes, as well as the intricacies involved in the production process. The documentary provides viewers with an insider’s look at the inner workings of this highly specialized industry including the craftsmanship, artistry, and skill involved in creating the perfect bottle of bubbly. A Year in Champagne was written and directed by David Kennard and is the second film in a series that began with A Year in Burgundy and will be rounded out by A Year in Port.

A Year in Champagne puts France’s Champagne region in context in terms of its geographical and historical importance. The film reveals that aside from being a rich agricultural area the region also has a long and storied history which includes having served as a battleground during several wars and military conflicts.

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Wine 101 Reviews A Year in Champagne

wine 101






From the start – a hot air balloon ride to celebrate a winemaker’s birthday – you see people smiling while working together to get a balloon upright and ready for a journey. This film, encapsulating the working lives of several winemakers, winery owners and families, is meant to entice you into a world filled with “magic and seduction” that is impossible to resist. Here are a few interesting things I’d like to share with wine 101ers and aficionados:

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Vinspire Reviews A Year in Champagne



“the film is such a celebration of Champagne you can barely

resist cracking open a bottle of the stuff while you watch”



Last week I was given the honour of watching a preview of a new wine film that’s just reached our shores from the US: A Year in Champagne.

Made by the same people who made A Year in Burgundy (which you can catch on Netflix – I highly recommend it if you’re a wine geek) the film is such a celebration of Champagne you can barely resist cracking open a bottle of the stuff while you watch.

But it doesn’t just cover the way this effervescent drink is created – it also pays a tribute to this famous French region’s people, culture, way of life and history. It’s classy, understated and smart, but also with snippets of frivolity and joy – all fitting of Champagne – and there’s plenty of stunning imagery and grandeur to show off this legendary region.

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Dave the Wine Merchant Reviews A Year in Champagne

dave's wine shop


What a charming way to spend 82 minutes. Read the rest of my review if you like, but I won’t be offended were you to opt instead for a quick download, a bottle of your favorite bubbly, your favorite movie companion and a quick call to your boss apologizing for some sudden 24-hour malady.

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Terroirist Reviews A Year in Champagne






A Year in Champagne is not simply an overview of the iconic winemaking region that has become a byword for sparkling wine. It is a documentary that also explores the lesser-known aspects of Champagne and its history, like the region’s tragic war record or the 1 billion bottles cellared beneath its streets.

The results is a more complete picture of Champagne, a Champagne that is not only traditional, but also resilient and seductive.

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The Drunken Cyclist Reviews A Year in Champagne

drunken cyclist




A Year in Champagne was different, though. First, it was about both one of my favorite places in the world and my favorite wine, and second, the people I have met during my travels to Champagne are far from the insufferable snobs who bloviate about wine–they are some of the most generous and engaging people I have met in the wine world.

I knew I had to watch it.

And I am glad I did.

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RogerEbert.com Reviews A Year in Champagne

Roger Ebert



“Spectacularly photographed throughout by Jamie LeJeune”


“The night they invented champagne/they absolutely knew/that all we’d want to do/is fly to the sky on champagne.” So goes the song from “Gigi.” A pleasant thought, and I imagine some vintners wish that it had taken only one night to invent champagne. One can only imagine the nights, days, and years of trial and error that went into concocting the very precise and highly legally regulated process behind the creation of the only sparkling wine that can rightly be designated champagne.

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Food & Wine Magazine

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Food & Wine Magazine features an exclusive clip of A Year in Champagne.

“Gorgeous new film…Open a bottle and watch the whole thing this weekend.”

For more than 30 years, Martine Saunier was one of the most influential wine importers in the US, bringing in some of France’s greatest wines from Burgundy, the Rhône and Champagne, from producers like Henri Jayer, Domaine Leroy and Château Rayas. But in 2012, she sold her company and started working on a new project: documenting the vineyards and regions of which she’d been an ambassador for so long. Her first documentary,A Year in Burgundy, was released in 2013, and her newest, A Year in Champagne comes out this Friday, March 6, available on iTunes and in select theaters.

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Wine Searcher: Champagne Movie a Sparkling Song of Praise

Wine Searcher



The latest installment of a wine movie trilogy is set to be uncorked on the silver screen, as legendary wine importer Martine Saunier invites viewers to spend a year in Champagne.

The film – entitled A Year in Champagne, for obvious reasons – looks at 12 months in the life of the region, as seen through the eyes of growers, producers and Bollinger’s president Ghislain de Montgolfier, also representing the Union of Champagne Houses.

It’s an independent production and a natural follow-up to 2012’s A Year in Burgundy, also made by Saunier and director, writer and narrator David Kennard. The third instalment, A Year in Port, is slated for release next year.

Beautifully shot and edited, it follows the gradual awakening of the vineyards from their winter sleep, through flowering and fruiting, and then lifts the lid on what goes on behind the elegant Champagne houses once the grapes come in to be crushed.

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